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Monday, September 12, 2011

A Very Brief Disney Diatribe

Well Orbsonites, it's 1:00AM in Orlando, Florida and I am thoroughly exhausted from a long day at Hollywood Studios. What is Hollywood Studios you ask? Well it used to be MGM Studios before MGM went under, Basically, Hollywood Studios is the fourth theme park at Disney World. When I say fourth, I really mean fourth. This place was like that cousin you invite to family functions, the whole time praying he doesn't show up. There were one or two highlights. The Extreme Stunt Show and Fantasmic (yes they really named it that)were both really fun, but the rest of the park made me wonder if the Disney family also has a weird cousin. One day the rest of their family was probably like "Here, take this park, it's all yours. Have fun." Needless to say, Universal Studios is infinitely better. Of course, Universal doesn't have the scantily clad Ariel singing and flopping around wearing nothing but a coconut bra. That was one show that was definitely worthy of a very special Orbson Rice "standing ovation."

I'll try to right more as the week progresses since I know how important my words are to each of you. Stay strong, fight the Stupid and I'll be back full time before you know it.

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