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The day has finally arrived! “Exposing My Orbs- The Rise of a Liberal Satirist” (written by yours truly) is now available through Amazon! 263 pages containing every Orb written for the Orbson Oracle, commentary on many of the entries and a few never before published Orbs. As promised, my loyal Orbsonites will receive a FREE digital copy! All I ask is that if you enjoy my book, please review it (be gentle) before the conservatives pounce on the word “liberal”. Of course if you don’t enjoy the book, I won’t be offended if you keep that to yourself. :) I have arranged for Amazon to run your free promotion from Wednesday August 8 (12AM PST) through Sunday August 12 (11:59 PST). After that, it will jump up to $2.99. If you don’t have a Kindle don’t worry, you will be able to download free software to read it on your computer, smartphone or tablet device. I hope you enjoy the book and thanks for your support!

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