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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Trump: “Next Time it’s Going to be a Solo Debate”

It appears as though Presidential hopeful Donald Trump may be a little confused about the exact nature of a debate. This morning, just hours after the completion of the first Presidential debate he spoke to the press about the unfair and biased format of the event:

“I know how to debate. Believe me, I’m a great debater. The people love how I debate. The problem last night was they kept asking her [Clinton] questions and letting her answer them. That’s not what a debate is. There was no respect to me. She needs to know her place. Her constant need to hear herself speak made it impossible for me to talk about all of my very very great policies to make America excellent again. It’s just another example of the liberal media trying to steal the election. We’re not going to let that happen next time. Next time, it’s going to be a solo debate.”

Putting aside the fact that it would be impossible to actually have a “solo debate”, Trump may have stumbled onto a promising new strategy for his campaign. A solo event would offer the candidate the opportunity to present his views and policies without having to worry about the annoyance of fact checkers. Given the results from the first debate, facts are not his friend. Fortunately, most of his supporters have an aversion to facts, so that weakness is actually a strength for the candidate. The new format would also allow him to simply speak the entire time without having anyone bother him with questions or request clarification on his policies. Again, he would be able to successfully ignore the need to say anything of actual substance. In all, this could be a very successful strategy. The date and time of Trump’s “solo debate” is still in the planning stages, though the SyFy network has offered to air it immediately after a replay Sharknado 4 and has unofficially dubbed it, “Trumpnado”.

Photo by Marc Nozell

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