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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Donald Trump Exposed in Ashley Madison Hack

Oops, the billionaire with the hair has been naughtier than a pair of Republicans in a men’s bathroom. The hackers responsible for the Ashley Madison breach have just released a third batch of customer profiles from the popular cheaters dating website and Republican Presidential hopeful Donald Trump is among them. Going by the user name ONEHARDTRUMP, he is yet another in a long list of conservatives whose proclivities would make even the dirtiest among us blush. In fact, Mr. Trump’s profile is so filthy that I must caution that the screenshot of his profile below is most definitely not safe for work:

Shortly after news of the leak was released, Trump issued a short statement: “This is a private issue and it shouldn’t matter to anyone where I like to stick my wick. I will not apologize for my actions because President Obama is the one who needs to apologize to us all. It is because of his inept leadership that hackers continue to get away with breaching our privacy. When I’m President, I will find them and destroy them.”

Photos by: Michael VadonMike Licht and Jehane 

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