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Monday, March 12, 2012

Orbson Answers His Email: Civil War 2 Part Deux

I’ve had a few questions from people wondering whether my examples of conservative attacks during what I refer to as Civil War 2 were merely a sample of a much larger group or isolated incidents. Unfortunately, they are just a tiny sample. Here are some more to think about:

Mississippi House Bill 1384: “public school history courses may not promote any partisan agenda or philosophy”. Republicans have been trying to get this bill passed for many years. Of course history has always been slanted toward those who are in power. However in a free country history, like journalism should be about facts. The problem is that Republicans do not like facts. Facts and religion never mesh well. It does not take a long Google search to find conservative groups who say that the South was the right side in the Civil War, that the Women’s Rights movement was a bad thing and that all homosexuals should be imprisoned. Shocked by the last one? I was too.

Nebraska Bill 461 would allow all doctors to refuse ANY (not just abortions) procedure they have a religious, ethical or moral objection to. Also, pharmacists would be allowed to refuse to fill a woman’s prescription for birth control or morning-after pill. If you consider the many religious, ethical and moral objects a person could have, the possible reasons to deny treatment are endless. Of course, I have a moral and ethical objection to Republicans so maybe I should move to Nebraska and become a doctor.

The Kansas House of Representatives passes a 69-page bill with hidden provisions that would among other things, allows doctors to lie to their patients about prenatal issues if those issues might lead the woman to consider abortion. Even in an ectopic pregnancy, which is often fatal, doctors do not have to tell their patients about the condition. And just so we remember they are still true Republicans, they added on a 6.3% sales tax to abortions including those had by rape victims or who only had it because it was medically necessary to save their own lives. This bill is not unique. In Arizona, the Arizona Senate joined 8 other states in shielding doctors from malpractice claims when those doctors did not inform their patients of prenatal conditions that might lead their patient to an abortion.

So You Think I Only Keep My Eye on Republicans:

I have mentioned previously how disappointed I am in President Obama’s environmental policies. So as to demonstrate that I do keep an eye on Democrats too, here are just a couple of current issues I have:

Drilling in the Arctic begins this Summer! “President Obama has given approval to Shell to drill for oil this summer in the vulnerable Arctic. In hopes of uncovering new sources of dirty fossil fuels, Arctic drilling could also unleash more than 11 billion tons of carbon pollution -- making it ever more difficult to stave off devastating climate change.” Also, if there is another oil spill, because of the location it would be almost impossible to clean.

Endangered Species Under Attack: A new policy proposed under the Obama administration would redefine key passages of the Endangered Species Act. They key distinction seems to be that a species status would be determined by global population and not just regional. For example, there are a lot of bald eagles in Alaska. Therefore had this policy change been in effect previously, the eagles could have completely died out in the lower 48 states and nothing would have been done about it. Ecosystems are fragile things. Whenever a species dies out by unnatural manmade cause, there is a ripple effect in that region. 89 conservation groups and 97 scientists agree that this new policy will have a tremendous negative impact on efforts to protect endangered species.

To see the full text of the quotes and to check out more environmental battles, check out the Center for Biological Diversity.

Orbson has not forgotten: I know I said this entry would be lighter, but I wanted to answer a couple of email questions today. I am still working on my Laws for Democrats to Pass to Piss off Republicans entry. Here is a sample: “In accordance with the 1st Amendment to the Constitution of the United States it is hereafter unlawful to have any religious wording or symbols used by any nationally funded entity, governmental entity or any private entity that receives federal funding. This includes, but is not limited to, the use of the word “God” on currency or nationally recognized songs and pledges.

Did you Know?

Do not let conservatives lie to you. Our Founding Fathers did not believe this was a Christian Country- The Treaty of Tripoli, which was read on the Senate floor in 1797 and signed into law by John Adams begins, “As the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion….” Yeah, that’s right. Oh, and by the way, it was unanimously approved. How do you think those words would go over with the general populous today?

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