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Thursday, March 8, 2012

What the “Fuck” is Wrong with the MPAA?

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. That is how many times that single word is spoken in the DOCUMENTARY “Bully”. That’s right, six times in the entire film. The MPAA (Motion Picture Ass. of America) feels as though this is deserving of an “R” rating which means that the film’s target audience will not be able to see it without a parent. Everyday kids in this country are tormented and too many parents don’t take this issue seriously. Bullying is detrimental not only to the learning experience but plays a crucial role in how children view themselves. With the advent of social media bullying can seem like a relentless attack leading many children to consider violence or suicide as their only options. According to the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, suicide is the 6th leading cause of death for children between 5-13 years old and the 3rd leading cause of death for those between 14-24 years old. These are among the saddest statistics I’ve ever seen. Every day children have to go to school afraid of what awaits them.

I have not seen “Bully”. I do not know if this DOCUMENTARY will place the spotlight on the issue and show the tormented that they are not alone. Or if it will tell the tormentors that what they are doing is quite simply, evil. What I do know is that it is impossible to walk into a middle school or high school and not hear the word “Fuck”. Should they be using it? No, or at least not as often as they do. Do they say it anyway? Yes. A documentary, viewed by kids, will not be taken seriously if it looks like it came out of High School Musical. Real life is gritty, it is dirty and sometimes it is profane.

Producer, Harvey Weinstein is a self-aggrandizing businessman who has to absolutely love all of the free publicity he is getting from this controversy. However, he is also right. I love movies, but the rating system is representative of the conservative population of this country- people who shout the loudest and whose puritanical views I find reprehensible. My imaginary 13-year-old can go by herself to see a wide array of PG-13 movies that contain tremendous amounts of violence. Don’t believe me? Go rent Pearl Harbor, the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Batman Returns, The Dark Knight or War of the Worlds (to name a few). However a DOCUMENTARY that is aimed to teach and help her is deemed inappropriate because of six f-bombs?

I have wanted to write an entry that delves deeper into why our society seems to consider sexuality as a bigger evil than violence. I do not understand. Sexuality is beautiful and natural. Violence, by its very nature is an act of evil. I would be much more inclined to let my imaginary daughter see a movie with nudity than with violence. However, this is neither. This is just six swear words that she probably hears every day at school. Six words that we have spoken about and I have tried to explain my view of them to her. The MPAA’s decision is yet another lesson in morality from those whose craniums have become permanently domiciled in their rectal cavity. So, I will make it easy. Violence is evil. Sex is great. Six “fucks” to help stop the innocent from being hurt? PG.

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